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  • Latky 
  • Bavlna 
  • Motiv
    • Jednobarevný 
    • Pruhy 
  • Způsob užití
    • Oděvy 
    • Polštářky 
Druh látky
  • Plyš nicki 
  • 140 - 149 cm 
  • 150 - 159 cm 
  • pružný 
  • sametově hebky 
  • jemný 
  • měkcé splývavý 
Způsob výroby
  • pletené 
  • měkký 
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  • potištěný 
  • Nedělitelný 
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Plyš Nicki

Nádherné pohodlí zaručeno! Pohodlné domácí oblečení z plyše nicki je obzvlášť hebké, měkké a příjemné. Tato látka se sametovým povrchem je skvělá i na látková zvířátka nebo měkoučké polštářky. Náš plyš nicki je vyroben z 80 % bavlny, tedy přírodního materiálu. Pokud hledáte plyš nicki, najdete jej u nás jako metráž za příznivou cenu ve více než 25 barvách. Plyš nicki nenabízíme však jen v jednobarevném provedení, ale i vzorovaný, například s proužky. Miminka mají ráda dupačky z materiálu nicki, protože jsou velmi měkké a heboučké. A maminky si plyš nicki oblíbily, protože je pružný a velmi snadno se udržuje - je perfektní, když potřebujete něco rychle ušít na overlocku.
  • Plyš Nicki 18

    Plyš Nicki 18
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmbarva petroleje80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 3

    Plyš Nicki 3
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    147 cmnámořnická modř80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 22

    Plyš Nicki 22
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmšedá80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 8

    Plyš Nicki 8
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmocelová modr80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 15

    Plyš Nicki 15
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmčerná80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 19

    Plyš Nicki 19
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmjablková zelen80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 11

    Plyš Nicki 11
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmžlutá80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 24

    Plyš Nicki 24
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmkrálovská modr80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 20

    Plyš Nicki 20
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmolivová80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 6

    Plyš Nicki 6
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    147 cmbarva vlny80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš 2

    Plyš 2
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    147 cmoranžová80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 16

    Plyš Nicki 16
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmbaby modra80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 13

    Plyš Nicki 13
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmbílá80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš 1

    Plyš 1
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    147 cmkarminove červená80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 14

    Plyš Nicki 14
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmsvětle šedá80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 10

    Plyš Nicki 10
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmhot pink80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 9

    Plyš Nicki 9
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmrose80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 12

    Plyš Nicki 12
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmšvestková80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš nicki Str...

    Plyš nicki Stripes Small 2
    od 363,00 Kč/m
    160 cmkrálovská modr80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 23

    Plyš Nicki 23
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmbrcalova80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 7

    Plyš Nicki 7
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    147 cmtmavě hnědá80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 21

    Plyš Nicki 21
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmfialová80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 17

    Plyš Nicki 17
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    150 cmpurpurová80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš nicki Str...

    Plyš nicki Stripes Small 5
    404,00 Kč/m
    243,00 Kč/m
    160 cmčervená80% Bavlna20% Polyester
  • Plyš Nicki 5

    Plyš Nicki 5
    od 215,00 Kč/m
    147 cmrůžová80% Bavlna20% Polyester
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Nicky velour shopping guide

If you’re looking for a soft and cosy fabric, then our nicky velour department is exactly the right place for you. Here, comfort is the name of the game. Let us explain what you need to keep in mind when buying, working with and caring for your fabric:

What is nicky velour?

Nicky velour is mostly made from a high proportion of cotton and a blend of another fibre, such as polyester, giving it its stretch and high level of comfort.

In contrast to woven velvet fabrics, nicky velour is made by knitting fibres together. During the production process, an additional thread is worked into the fabric to create loops on the surface. These are cut once the fabric is ready, creating nicky velour’s characteristic soft, stretchy hand. The right side of nicky fabric features a velvety finish, while the back looks like a plain stretch fabric.

In our online shop, we offer a range of plain and patterned nicky velour fabric. We carry a wide range of plain fabrics so you can make any garment suit your style. You have an equally large selection of patterns and prints to choose from, including stripes, florals and playful children’s motifs. These fabrics are especially suited to comfortable children’s clothing and cuddly toys.

Nicky velour started to be used for clothing in the sixties and seventies. Back in those days, a velvety nicky velour jumper was a real “must have” in any wardrobe. Today’s obsession with all things retro means that this fabric is coming back. Today, lots of lounge wear is made from nicky fabrics - and you can design them to suit your own tastes and style. Dressing gowns, bathrobes and yoga clothing can easily be made at home from nicky velour. Its soft finish creates a feel-good atmosphere, while its stretch means extra comfort and freedom of movement.

-       A soft cosy finish and a high level of stretch mean extreme comfort
-       Often used for lounge wear, children’s clothes and toys

Sewing nicky velour

What you need to keep in mind when working with nicky velour: Stroke before you sew. Before you start cutting out your nicky velour fabric, you should first stroke the fabric parallel to the selvedge. Nicky velour has a grain in the pile, and you can feel it: If you stroke with the grain, you won’t feel any resistance, whereas the fibres will stand up when you stroke the other way. Nicky velour should always be cut against the grain.  When you stroke the finished garment from top to bottom, the fibres will resist. The bottom edges of all pattern pieces must all point in the same direction.

Be careful when transferring seam lines, as copy paper and tracing wheel markings can show through to the right side of nicky velour. It’s best to be very exact about cutting your pieces and your seam allowances and then stitch them together. It can also be helpful to use a fine needle and a long stitch to tack along any darts, crossing seams or any other significant points.

To make sure your nicky velour doesn’t roll up at the seam allowances, you can iron on bias strips of around 2cm thick to reinforce your edges.

When sewing nicky velour: use a fine needle (jersey or microtex), either a 70 or 80. You can sew this fabric using standard thread. To make sure your seams retain their stretch, use a flat zigzag stitch (2mm stitch length, 0.5mm stitch width). The hem will keep its stretch if you use a twin needle to finish it. You will then be able to see two lines of stitches next to each other on the right side of the fabric, but a zigzag pattern on the wrong side. Seams that need to keep their shape, like shoulder seams, can be reinforced using bias tape. Finish your edges with a large zigzag stitch or use an overlocker. Overlockers and coverstitch machines are the best way to finish knit fabrics.

-       Stroke before you sew: cut against the grain, make sure you cut precisely, transferring pattern markings is difficult with this fabric
-       Sewing: use a fine needle (70 or 80), standard thread, flat zigzag stitch to retain the fabric’s stretch
-       Use a twin needle to create a double line of stitching at the hem
-       Use bias tape to reinforce seams that don’t need to stretch

Caring for nicky velour

Nicky is a very durable fabric that’s also easy to clean. We recommend washing your projects at 30° on a delicates cycle. As the fabric doesn’t really wrinkle when hung up, you don’t necessarily need to iron your garment. And remember: Iron nicky fabric as little as possible.

Our tip: If you do need to iron it, iron it lightly from the wrong side! This is especially important: Use a towel underneath your fabric while you iron. If you have to iron the right side for some reason, use a fluffy towel between your fabric and iron (on a silk/wool setting).

Nicky velour cannot be tumble dried; simply lay it out flat on a towel to dry.

-       Wash nicky velour at 30°C on a delicates cycle
-       Iron as little as possible, only lightly from the wrong side using a towel
-       Cannot be tumble dried

Sewing ideas for nicky velour

You can use nicky velour fabrics from our wide range of colours and prints for a whole range of purposes. This fabric is easy to wear and work with, and is ideal for trousers, tops and dressing gowns. It stands up to being stretched, like when you put it on, and quickly springs back to its original shape. Even your little ones will benefit from nicky velour fabric. There are almost no limits when it comes to kids’ clothing, and this fabric would be ideal for a sleepsuit or a onesie. The thick velour fibres are not only lovely and soft, but they also keep you toasty. The fluffy surface texture will even stimulate your little one’s senses. Anything that’s comforting and cosy goes: blankets, throws, soft toys... we’re sure you’ll think of something.

If you want to treat yourself, then you can easily use this fabric to sew yourself some comfy lounge wear. Velour yoga outfits feel especially good on the skin and will stand up to any position you get yourself into. A cute dressing gown to relax in on the sofa on a Sunday would also be a great option. Let your creativity run wild!

To sum it up...

If you’re looking for a durable, stretchy and comfortable fabric to make you or your children happy, our range of nicky velour fabrics is ideal for you. Here’s an overview of the main strengths of nicky velour fabric:

-          Soft and velvety feel, a robust fabric, easy to care for: especially suited to children’s clothing
-          Nicky velour is very stretchy: perfect for lounge wear
-          Use a fine needle (70 or 80) and a stretch stitch (zigzag)